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Medi Genumedi Knee Brace

Medi Genumedi Knee Brace

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The Genumedi Knee Support with patella silicone ring is great if you're suffering from a swelling or inflammation in the knee, arthritis, meniscus damage, or Patello femoral pain syndrome. This brace can also help with slight instability at the knee joint. The brace works by providing compression to the knee with a silicone ring - this creates a gentle massage effect on the knee and improves the blood circulation. These actions will reduce swelling and improve stability at the knee.

Product Features

  • Specially designed silicone ring enclosing the patella
  • Non-slip system with textured silicone dots running across the top of the brace and down the interior
  • Highly elastic, breathable and moisture-transporting Clima Comfort fabric
  • Specially knitted Comfort Zones take pressure off the back of the knee and prevents constriction
  • Maximum pressure relief for the patella due to the special inner border for the silicone ring
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