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Medi Levamed Active Stabili-Tri Ankle Support

Medi Levamed Active Stabili-Tri Ankle Support

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Stabilize an injured or weak ankle with the new Levamed Stabili-Tri support by Medi. This ankle brace allows for flexible pressure customization with its lace up design and velcro straps. A rigid support runs up the back of the brace (pictured above) to reduce injury-causing movements while walking. The limiting of pronation, supination and of plantar flexion, protects the joint against further harm after a trauma. As you recover from your injury, you can adjust the amount of support provided by the brace by reducing the stays.

Product Features

  • The knitted fabric and mild compression produces a massaging effect that promotes the circulation and decreases swelling
  • The strap system is similar to taping - it supports the body's own stabilization and gives additional hold
  • Talus lock tongue reduces anterior talar shift

The clima-comfort fabric is highly elastic, breathable and moisture wicking and includes a special comfort zone knitted into the instep portion to prevent constriction and pressure areas. Antibacterial fabric helps ensure odor-free performance.

Note: This brace should not be used on broken skin or open wounds.

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