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Medi Lumbamed Facet Lumbar Support

Medi Lumbamed Facet Lumbar Support

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If you suffer from chronic, severe lumbosacral pain, facet joint osteoarthritis, or disc protrusion/prolapse, this high-tech back support from Medi will bring you relief. The Lumbamed Facet is a lumbar support system with a combination of compressing knitted fabric, stabilizing back rods and a pull-strap system. The four crossover pull straps create a double three-point system with the dorsal points of application on the pelvis and in the upper lumbar spine area.  This provides precise regulation of intra-abdominal pressure and holds the pelvis in an upright position

Features and Benefits:

  • Targeted relief of the facet joints through effective reduction of lordosis
  • Stabilizes the lumbar spine area and the lumbosacral transition
  • Clima-comfort releases moisture and regulates temperature
  • Antibacterial fabric prevents unpleasant odors from building
  • Unique hand holds on the interior for easy placement
  • Anatomical fit for men and women
  • Comfort zones reduce pressure on the hips
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