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Sigvaris 232C Cotton 20-30 mmHg Closed Toe Calf High Compression Stockings for Men

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HCPCS Code / CPT Code: A6530

Sigvaris 232C Cotton Series: 20-30 mmHg Closed Toe Stylish Cotton Comfort Knee High Compression Stockings for Men

The Comfort of Natural Cotton Support Hose
• Designed with 25% Supima Cotton for optimum wearing comfort
• Cotton yarn on the interior is ideal for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin
• New integrated foot release zone with added length and reduced compression in foot area for improved comfort
• Supima Cotton is 100% American-grown pima cotton, known for its fineness, which helps to create softer, more luxurious fabrics
• Breathable and durable
• Contemporary ribbed design
• Latex Free

Easy Wear
• The high-stretch knit construction in combination with double-covered yarns provides great elasticity and easy donning and removal.

Fiber content:
50% Nylon / 25% Spandex / 25% Supima Cotton

• Long hours of standing or sitting
• Swelling
• Tired, heavy, aching legs
• Sensitive skin
• Sweating (hyperhidrosis)
• Mild lymphedema after decongestant therapy
• Post-sclerotherapy treatment
• Long distance travel

Product #
• 232C

20-30 mmHg (CCL 1) Firm Gradient Compression Indication Guide:
Moderate to severe varicose veins
Moderate leg & ankle swelling
Relief from moderate edema / lymphedema
Varicose veins during pregnancy
Leg swelling following surgery
Following sclerotherapy
Orthostatic hypotension
Postural hypotension
Helps Prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

New Sizing For Sigvaris 230 Cotton 20-30 mmHg Closed Toe Calf High for Men

Size Black Navy White Black Mist Crispa Chocolate
SS 232CSSM99 232CSSM10 232CSSM00 232CSSM14 232CSSM66 232CSSM88
SL 232CSLM99 232CSLM10 232CSLM00 232CSLM14 232CSLM66 232CSLM88
MS 232CMSM99 232CMSM10 232CMSM00 232CMSM14 232CMSM66 232CMSM88
ML 232CMLM99 232CMLM10 232CMLM00 232CMLM14 232CMLM66 232CMLM88
LS 232CLSM99 232CLSM10 232CLSM00 232CLSM14 232CLSM66 232CLSM88
LL 232CLLM99 232CLLM10 232CLLM00 232CLLM14 232CLLM66 232CLLM88
XS 232CXSM99 232CXSM10 232CXSM00 232CXSM14 232CXSM66 232CXSM88
XL 232CXLM99 232CSLM10 232CXLM00 232CXLM14 232CXLM66 232CXLM88

Old Sizing For Sigvaris 230 Cotton 20-30 mmHg Closed Toe Calf High for Men

Size Black Navy White Black Mist Crispa Chocolate
S1 232CS1M99 232CS1M10 232CS1M00 232CS1M14 232CS1M66 232CS1M88
S2 232CS2M99 232CS2M10 232CS2M00 232CS2M14 232CS2M66 232CS2M88
S3 232CS3M99 232CS3M10 232CS3M00 232CS3M14 232CS3M66 232CS3M88
S4 232CS4M99 232CS4M10 232CS4M00 232CS4M14 232CS4M66 232CS4M88
M1 232CM1M99 232CM1M10 232CM1M00 232CM1M14 232CM1M66 232CM1M88
M2 232CM2M99 232CM2M10 232CM2M00 232CM2M14 232CM2M66 232CM2M88
M3 232CM3M99 232CM3M10 232CM3M00 232CM3M14 232CM3M66 232CM3M88
M4 232CM4M99 232CM4M10 232CM4M00 232CM4M14 232CM4M66 232CM4M88
L1 232CL1M99 232CL1M10 232CL1M00 232CL1M14 232CL1M66 232CL1M88
L2 232CL2M99 232CL2M10 232CL2M00 232CL2M14 232CL2M66 232CL2M88
L3 232CL3M99 232CL3M10 232CL3M00 232CL3M14 232CL3M66 232CL3M88
L4 232CL4M99 232CL4M10 232CL4M00 232CL4M14 232CL4M66 232CL4M88
X1 232CX1M99 232CX1M10 232CX1M00 232CX1M14 232CX1M66 232CX1M88
X2 232CX2M99 232CX2M10 232CX2M00 232CX2M14 232CX2M66 232CX2M88
X3 232CX3M99 232CX3M10 232CX3M00 232CX3M14 232CX3M66 232CX3M88
X4 232CX4M99 232CX4M10 232CX4M00 232CX4M14 232CX4M66 232CX4M88
Size Chart

Size Chart

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Measuring Instructions

For 8-15, 12-16, and some 15-20 mmHg socks and stockings, all you will need to determine your size is your shoe size. Full knee-high measuring instructions are shown below if needed.

Knee High Measuring Instructions

Take these recorded measurements and use them in conjunction with the sizing chart for the brand of stockings you've chosen — such as Jobst, Sigvaris, Medi, and Juzo. All of these compression stocking manufacturers offer sizing charts that will ensure you get the proper fit. These sizing charts are located on the respective product pages. For answers to many commonly asked questions, please see our FAQ page.

  • Ankle Measurement

    Measure around your ankle (this measurement is called the circumference). Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, above the ankle bone.

    Note: This must always be your first measureme

  • Calf Measurement

    Find the widest part of your calf. Measure the circumference of your calf.

  • Calf Length

    Sit on a chair with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Measure the distance from 1 finger below the bend in your knee to the floor.

Wear & Care

Wear & Care

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