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Therafirm® Thigh High 15-20 mmHg, Garter Style

Therafirm® Thigh High 15-20 mmHg, Garter Style

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The Therafirm 15-20 mmHg Closed Toe Thigh High Compression Stockings are designed to improve circulation, relieve tired, heavy, aching legs, and prevent moderate swelling.


  • 15-20 mmHg (the mean compression for an average ankle size)
  • Fashionable semi-opaque knit
  • Two-way stretch nylon and spandex blend
  • Patented Micro-Cool process wicks away moisture, providing a comfortable coolness


  • Tired, achy legs
  • Occupational swelling or evening edema
  • Leg discomfort from long hours of standing or sitting
  • Prevent varicose veins and swelling during pregnancy
  • Prevent medical issues for those with risk of vein health issues
  • Reduce swelling during travel
  • Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during travel
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