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Circaid Juxtafit Essentials Compression Wrap, Upper Leg w/ Knee

Circaid Juxtafit Essentials Compression Wrap, Upper Leg w/ Knee


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The Circaid Juxtafit Upper Leg compression garment offers an economical alternative for those with moderate to severe upper leg lymphedema from the knee to the groin. The garment includes adjustable inelastic bands that make it easy to apply, remove, and adjust the compression level while wearing it. Each juxtafit upper leg system includes a user-friendly built in pressures system (BPS) guide card with multiple compression range settings for quickly and accurately verifying the application of prescribed compression levels anywhere from 20-30mmHg to 50+mmHg. Full leg coverage is possible when coupled with a juxtfit essentials lower leg system.


  • Inelastic compression.
  • Compression (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 and 50+ mmHg).
  • juxtalock band system allows for easy and instant adjustability of product without removal.
  • circaid? built-in pressure system (BPS) guide card provides targeted compression ranges for improved results.
  • SILVERtec added to prevent static, odor propagation of bacteria in the garment.
  • Active sedentary use.
  • Simple measuring sizing ready made in multiple sizes with 2 lengths of the lower leg and 3 lengths of the upper leg with knee.
  • Works great with elastic stockings as part of a complete compression system.
  • 6-month warranty.


  • The system includes:
  • Legging, pair of knee high or thigh high undersleeves (footless), black cover up and built-in pressure system (BPS) guide card.
  • Fabric Content: 54% Polyurethane; 42% Nylon; 4% Elastane
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