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Circaid Juxtafit Premium Interlocking Ankle Foot Wrap

Circaid Juxtafit Premium Interlocking Ankle Foot Wrap


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The circaid juxtafit premium interlocking ankle-foot wrap complements the circaid juxtafit premium legging system. The engineering incorporates state-of-the-art materials with a patented design to create one of the most comfortable and effective compression devices ever. The juxtalock band system allows for quick and easy application and minimal adjustments that help maintain compression levels, a comfortable fit, and better patient outcomes with lymphedema or venous disease treatment.


  • Provides ankle and foot coverage.
  • Interlocking heel band for foot length adjustment.
  • Heel band offers targeted compression to the heel and ankle.
  • The Breath-O-Prene™ material is cool and lightweight, allowing the skin to breathe.
  • SILVERtec added to prevent static, odor and propagation of bacteria in the garment.
  • Fabric Content: 50% Polyurethane; 45% Nylon; 3% Elastane; 2% Polyethylene
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