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Circaid Reduction Kit Extension

Circaid Reduction Kit Extension


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The Reduction Kit extension is an option for increasing the circumference of the reduction kit upper and lower leg components for the especially wide limb. The extension can be added with the included spine fastening system and cut to length as needed, especially as limb drainage occurs and circumferences change. The extension kit adds 30cm of circumference to any upper or lower leg reduction kit. Extension kit size selection is based on the length of the kit it will be paired with. 30cm goes with 30cm upper or lower leg, 35cm extension with 35cm kit and 40cm extension with 40cm kit.


  • Allows for increased circumference of the reduction kit upper and lower leg components.
  • Can be added with the spine fastening system and trimmed to length as needed.
  • Fabric Content: 54% Polyurethane; 42% Nylon; 4% Elastane
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