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Circaid Reduction Kit, Head & Neck

Circaid Reduction Kit, Head & Neck


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Circaid reduction kit is a revolutionary system that utilizes all the benefits of inelastic compression in a product that can be customized in clinic for each individual patient. The head & neck product is designed for use during acute drainage phase lymphedema management, to contain the results obtained during treatment and for long-term maintenance. Patients will enjoy the liberating nature of an inelastic garment system they can remove for normal hygiene and re-apply themselves without the aid of a caregiver or clinician.

  • The reduction kit head & neck is made with skin-friendly, Breathe-o-prene® inelastic material to deliver long-lasting compression and containment.
  • The customizable reduction kit system is trim-to-fit in the clinic, and as a result, adaptable to the patient's unique needs.
  • Includes a trimmable Textured Edema Control (TEC) foam pad for additional therapy and patient comfort.
  • Adjustable for volume fluctuation.

Kit includes: two customizable Breathe-o-prene® straps for neck and chin, one TEC pad, and hook and loop closures.

FABRIC CONTENT: 69% Nylon, 17% Polyurethane, 14% Elastane

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