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Mediven Comfort Sculpt Leggings 15-20 mmHg

Mediven Comfort Sculpt Leggings 15-20 mmHg


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The mediven comfort sculpt is a footless compression legging designed for all lifestyles. Its integrated tummy shaper sculpts the waist while the graduated compression profile works to support circulation and reduce leg pain.

Available in versatile colors perfect for everyday wear, the mediven comfort sculpt can make work, travel, or a casual day at home more enjoyable.


  • Supports circulation and reduces leg pain
  • Opaque materials in fashionable, classic colors
  • Integrated tummy shaper sculpts waist and supports lower back
  • Full ankle coverage


Medical compression leggings should only be worn after consulting with a doctor and under a doctor’s supervision. Compression stockings should not be worn by individuals with:

  • Severe arterial insufficiency
  • Decompensated heart diseases
  • Acute phase dermatitis
  • Acute skin infections
  • Wet dermatitis


  • Tired, achy legs
  • Occupational swelling or evening edema
  • Leg discomfort from long hours of standing or sitting
  • Prevent varicose veins and swelling during pregnancy
  • Prevent medical issues for those with risk of vein health issues
  • Reduce swelling during travel
  • Prevent DVT during travel


Brand: Mediven
Series: Comfort Sculpt
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Style: Leggings
Fabric Content: Nylon 52%, Polyester 25%, Spandex 23%

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