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Sigvaris Comprefit Standard Thigh Wrap

Sigvaris Comprefit Standard Thigh Wrap


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The Comprefit Standard Thigh is an inelastic compression device. The device has highly adjustable straps and includes a belt and hip attachment to ensure a comfortable, secure fit. This device can be paired with three different knee options for gradient compression of the thigh. Individuals who have undergone a vascular procedure or those that experience extreme fluctuations in limb fluid volume will benefit from the firm containment and high compression of the Comprefit Standard Thigh.


  • Overlapping band system mimics bandaging technique
  • Slotted band system of the garment allows for a custom, conforming fit
  • Back spin of the garment provides support and ensures a firm, secure fit
  • Easily adjustable to allow for fluctuations in limb fluid volume


Brand: Sigvaris
Style: Thigh Wrap
Series: Comprefit

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