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L&R SwellSpot® Pad, Knee-Elbow Shaper

L&R SwellSpot® Pad, Knee-Elbow Shaper


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The Knee-Elbow Shaper Pad is designed to slide onto knee or elbow to contour and pad the bony prominence

SwellSpots® are reusable therapeutic foam pads to incorporate into multi-layer bandaging or garments to provide focal compression to help soften troublesome areas of edema and fibrosis.


  • Helps break up and soften hardened or fibrotic tissue/skin
  • Supports limb volume reduction
  • Creates multi-point profiles to help open initial lymphatics and encourage re-absorption
  • Fill concavities
  • Pad bony prominences

Size (Knee of elbow circumference range):

  • 35-65 cm
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