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L&R Tribute® Wrap, Head & Neck

L&R Tribute® Wrap, Head & Neck


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Tribute Wrap Head & Neck is an innovative garment to support those with head and neck lymphedema. Its straps have easy-to-pull finger grips to easily get the right fit and contour. There is focused low profile foam technology around the neck and lower mandible to nestle into the tissue to break up and soften fibrosis / hardened skin.

The ear openings are available to support hearing during garment use. It also comes with 2 Compression Straps (8cm in length) as a complimentary accessory to provide focused compression.

To support sensitive skin, the interior fabric is silky smooth making it comfortable against your face and neck. You will love the comfortable fit and effective therapy of the Tribute Wrap Head & Neck!


  • Fully adjustable
  • Focused foam on neck and mandible
  • Silky-soft interior fabric
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Low profile height
  • Ear openings to support hearing during use
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