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L&R Tribute® Wrap, Wrist to Axilla

L&R Tribute® Wrap, Wrist to Axilla


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Tribute® Wrap is an adjustable compression garment with foam technology that nestles into the tissue to promote skin health. It supports easy self-management of lymphedema and edema during low activity by comfortably adjusting to your patient's unique shape and lifestyle.

Tribute Wrap helps maintain gains made during therapy, while allowing the flexibility to support further reduction. Simply slide it on, adjust the straps, and cover with Sleep Sleeve for comfortable evening compression.


  • Chevron Channeling - Designed to align with MLD practices, encouraging lymph transport and the stimulation of superficial tissue.
  • Adjustable Strapping System - Easily conforms for the right, comfortable fit, and has flexibility to support further reduction.
  • Supports Mobility - Angled straps at flexion points for a comfortable and functional design.
  • 6-Month Warranty - Tribute Wrap is guaranteed to be free of material and manufacturing defects for the six-month life of the garment.
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