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Therafirm® Ease Adjust Compression Wrap, Below Knee

Therafirm® Ease Adjust Compression Wrap, Below Knee


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Adjustable gradient inelastic compression wrap for venous and lymphatic disease.


  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN Contours to the calf for a better fit, plus seamless straps reduce pressure points
  • EASY APPLICATION Inner sleeve supports the wrap while donning and adjusting straps
  • DAY OR NIGHT USE Inelastic materials offer a high working pressure during the day and a low resting pressure with strong containment at night
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY Made with premium grade materials
  • LINER SOCKS INCLUDED A pair of 10-15 mmHg Core-Spun® by Therafirm Socks provide compression and added comfort in the feet and legs
  • PRODUCT GUARANTEE Therafirm provides a 6-month warranty for materials and workmanship


Brand: Therafirm
Series: Ease Adjust
Style: Compression Wrap

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