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Therafirm® Ease Adjust Compression Wrap, Below Knee

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Adjustable gradient inelastic compression wrap for venous and lymphatic disease.


  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN Contours to the calf for a better fit, plus seamless straps reduce pressure points
  • EASY APPLICATION Inner sleeve supports the wrap while donning and adjusting straps
  • DAY OR NIGHT USE Inelastic materials offer a high working pressure during the day and a low resting pressure with strong containment at night
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY Made with premium grade materials
  • LINER SOCKS INCLUDED A pair of 10-15 mmHg Core-Spun® by Therafirm Socks provide compression and added comfort in the feet and legs
  • PRODUCT GUARANTEE Therafirm provides a 6-month warranty for materials and workmanship


Brand: Therafirm
Series: Ease Adjust
Style: Compression Wrap


    Measuring Instructions

    For 8-15, 12-16, and some 15-20 mmHg socks and stockings, all you will need to determine your size is your shoe size. Full knee-high measuring instructions are shown below if needed.

    Knee High Measuring Instructions

    Take these recorded measurements and use them in conjunction with the sizing chart for the brand of stockings you've chosen — such as Jobst, Sigvaris, Medi, and Juzo. All of these compression stocking manufacturers offer sizing charts that will ensure you get the proper fit. These sizing charts are located on the respective product pages. For answers to many commonly asked questions, please see our FAQ page.

    • Ankle Measurement

      Measure around your ankle (this measurement is called the circumference). Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, above the ankle bone.

      Note: This must always be your first measureme

    • Calf Measurement

      Find the widest part of your calf. Measure the circumference of your calf.

    • Calf Length

      Sit on a chair with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Measure the distance from 1 finger below the bend in your knee to the floor.

    Wear & Care

    Wear & Care

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