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Thuasne® Mobiderm Standard Mitten

Thuasne® Mobiderm Standard Mitten


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Mitten incorporating the Mobiderm anti-edema device (small pads) for the treatment of lymphedema of the upper limb, with hand affected.

MOBIDERM is a medical device comprised of foam cubes encased between two non-woven bandages. MOBIDERM technology can be used under a reducing bandage (in its bandage or pad forms), or incorporated into mobilizing garments. The pressure difference created between the support area of the blocks and the surrounding area stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid, optimizing drainage efficacy.


  • For use during the maintenance phase, while sleeping or at rest, to continue to mobilize edema without compression.
  • Designed to be worn over the standard Mobiderm sleeve (mitten positioned over the sleeve).
  • Universal left and right.
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