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Thuasne® Mobiderm Women's Intimate Short

Thuasne® Mobiderm Women's Intimate Short


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Comprised of a removable MOBIDERM genital mobilization pad in small blocks (polyester, polyamide, acrylic adhesive, polyethylene foam). Can be worn with or without the genital mobilization pad, depending on the patient’s needs and the recommendations of the healthcare professional. Are made from polyamide, elastane, and polyester.


  • Compression and mobilization shorts for the treatment of pelvic and genital lymphedema.
  • Targeted compression and retention: In pelvic area, genital parts, buttock and thigh.
  • Each MOBIDERM Intimate Short comes with a removable MOBIDERM genital mobilisation pad in small blocks.
  • Soft fabric for more comfort
  • Flat seams to limit skin reactions


Brand: Thuasne®
Series: Mobiderm
Style: Compression Garment

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